Gold Coins & Gold Bullion

We buy all gold coins, American gold Eagles in all denominations, South African Krugerrands, Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, Mexican Onzas, Chinese Pandas and more! We can pay up to 90-95% of the gold price for your gold coins and bullion.


Silver Coins & Silver Bullion

We purchase all silver coins including: old Morgan Silver Dollars and Peace Silver Dollars, American Silver Eagles, silver liberty and mercury dimes, silver Washington quarters, silver nickels, silver Kennedy and Franklin half dollars, silver trade dollars, even commemorative silver coins from things like the olympics, or another event from our nation's history. We also buy generic silver rounds and bullion.


Non-Precious Metal American Coins

We also buy American coins that don't have gold or silver value, but still are worth more than their face value, such as large cents, Shield Nickels, Buffalo Nickels, Liberty "V" nickels, even Wheat pennies.


Graded and "Slabbed" Coins, Mint and Proof Sets

We are strong buyers on sealed graded coins. Typically the nickname for these types of coins is "slabbed" since they are sealed in a plastic container. There are many coin grading services out there, but the ones we trust the most with accurate grading are NGC, PCGS, and ANACS. We will buy coins from other coin graders, but will examine them more carefully.

Since the coins already have a grade, a lot of the opinion about the condition of the coin has been done for us so it's usually very easy to value these types of coins.

We will also buy American sealed mint and proof sets of coins.

Foreign Coins

Yes we do buy foreign coins, provided they contain gold or silver. Gold South African Krugerrands, Canadian Gold and Silver Maple Leafs, Silver and Gold Mexican Onzas and Pesos, Gold Chinese Pandas and many more! We have years of experience in foreign coins, and can find out where the coins were made, when they were made, and exactly what metals they contain.

If you're not sure if your foreign coins are worth anything, bring them in for a free evaluation.

Numismatic vs. Intrinsic Value of Coins

One of the questions that we get asked the most is: Are my coins worth more for their gold or silver value, or are they worth more as a coin? The truth is, a lot of the coins that we see are worth just for their current intrinsic metal value, however we do check every coin to ensure that we can pay you the true value of the coin. If you have a rare coin we can pay you more for that coin since it is special. The things we look for in evaluating rare coins are:

  • Where was it minted?

  • When was it minted?

  • How many were minted?

  • What condition is the coin in?

  • Is the coin graded by a third-party coin grading service or not?

Here is just one of the ways we value a coin: where it was minted.


If you are thinking about bring coins in to us to evaluate, DO NOT CLEAN OR POLISH THEM. Cleaned and polished coins may actually be worth less because the original luster and wear is affected when it’s cleaned. Bring in coins as they are, and we'll be happy to take a look at them for you, free of charge.