Get Cash NOW to Pay Bills, Take a Trip or Just Buy Something Nice!

Your old gold, jewelry and precious metals are probably worth more than you think! A LOT More!

Face to Face - We'll Show Just How Much Your Gold Is Worth

When you go to the bank would you hand the teller a handful of cash, let them take it to another room to count, and let them deposit it in a week or two? We didn't think so! That's why we provide personalized face-to-face service. Why send hundreds, even thousands of dollars worth of gold to someone you'll never meet when one of Tampa's oldest and most trusted jewelers is so close by. At Arthur Yates and Son Jewelers you can watch each step of the process, ask questions, get honest answers and make your decision to sell in a comfortable, friendly and relaxed setting.

Sell Your Gold Coins and Gold Bullion For Instant Liquidity

We pay top dollar for gold coins too. We buy domestic and foreign gold coins and gold bullion in all denominations.

Experienced, Honest, Ethical

At Yates Jewelers we subscribe to the timeless principles of doing business fairly and honorably. Our staff has extensive experience in evaluating your gold and silver jewelry, coins, flatware and collectibles. You'll also always find our owners available to answer any questions you might have and guide you through getting the most from your items.



At Arthur Yates and Son Jewelers, you get paid immediately for any items you agree to sell. You choose which items you would like to sell, without pressure, and we think that the price you receive is the best you'll find - anywhere.