Step 1 - Sorting

There's no need for you to pre-sort your items - we're happy to examine each item and sort it as part of our review process.

We initially start with tests to separate "fun" or "costume" jewelry from that made from precious metals.

We then sort the items by the type of precious metal they appear to be constructed of.




Step 2 - Identification

After the sorting process, individual gold and silver pieces are identified by examining the stampings to determine the karat/purity of the precious metal content.

For coins, we check the year and place of mint for all coins. If we know it is a standard coin, such as a common date Kennedy Half Dollar or Morgan Silver Dollar, we go to step 5. If it's something that we need to research, we have many references here.


Step 3 - Testing

When an item is unmarked or seems counterfeit, a trace amount of metal is sampled from an inconspicuous area of the piece. This trace amount of gold or silver is then tested using special chemical solutions that reveal the approximate karat of the item being tested.



Step 4 - Weighing

With the items sorted, identified, and tested, the weight of the items is determined.

All precious metals are weighed using a state-certified scale to determine the true weight of each karat class of gold and silver.



Step 5 - Value Calculation

Using real-time price information from the gold and silver markets, the value of your items is calculated. Coin and bullion values are calculated using the market prices as well.

Step 6 - Get Paid!

You Get an Immediate Offer to Purchase Your Gold!

The entire process takes just minutes and you are invited to watch each step of the valuation process.

If you like the price (and we're sure you will!), we'll buy your gold, silver, and coins on the spot!