Silver Jewelry? We buy that too!

We buy all types of silver jewelry including rings, bracelets, chains, pendants, cufflinks, tie tacks, pins, you name it!


We'll buy silver jewelry whether it's broken, tarnished, and even name brand like Tiffany, John Hardy, and David Yurman. Bring in what you have for a free estimate and we'll be happy to give you a price.

Turn Your Silver Flatware, Holloware and Coins into Instant Cash

Silver prices are elevated right now, and since it is so high the value of your silver flatware, holloware and coins are too!

Take advantage of this rise in value and turn your silver products and coins into instant cash at Yates Jewelers.

We'll sort, test, weigh and calculate the value of your silver items, then let you know their value at the current market price.

There's no obligation or charge to value your items, and you'll be amazed at how much your silver is worth.

Turn Your Silver Coins and Bullion Into Cash Now!

That collection of silver coins you've gathered over time can be worth a lot more than you think.

Bring it to us and we'll sort them and check their value using the most up-to-date sources to value your coins.

At Yates Jewelers we'll always check your items with you face-to-face so that you know you are getting a fair and honest value review.

Silver Flatware and Silver Flatware Sets Can Add Up Quickly

Often silver flatware simply sits unused because the time and effort necessary to keep it looking good are just more than you can afford to spend. Why keep it around if no one is using it?

We buy all types of sterling silver forks, knives, spoons, ladles, cake and pie servers, teaspoons, even tongs.

As experts in silver flatware we offer top value for unique or collectible flatware sets. Just bring in the whole set for a free evaluation.

Holloware Items

Make sure to bring your silver holloware items in for review. We buy sterling silver platters, tea sets, candle holders, dishes, plates, even coasters.

Instead of cleaning, polishing and storing these silver pieces, why not turn them into ready cash or a beautiful new piece of jewelry?

We'll be happy to evaluate any items you have free of charge so that you know their true value in today's market.